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   XiongMing Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. specially devotes to design and manufacture 2 kinds of the gear products: a end-toothed couplings and precision gears. Among them, a end-toothed couplings consist of the Hirth couplings and the curvic couplings, the Pinion with Curvic coupling, the end-toothed disc with the Circular-arc and so on. They mainly apply to the precision positioning devices and to the devices of torque transmission at a high speed and heavy duty. The precision gears consist of the helical gears and the pinions for quality compressors and turbine compressors, gears for marine engines and railway locomotives, the windmills and limousines,the quality precision gears of small lots and many varieties in the special industry.

   We  have  the  abundant  experience  and  outstanding technology, We  are  possessed  of  the  excellent  equipments  for  manufacturing  and  inspecting  and  measuring.  Therefore our  products  can  meet  the  requirements  of  the  users  in respect  of  high  rotation,  low  noise,  light  vibration  and  long  service  life.  In  order  to  upgrade  domestic  industrial equipments,  we  devote  to  standardization  and  massive production  of  the  products.  Doing  so  not  only  reduces  the  production  cost  greatly,  but  also  saves  procurement expenses  for  our  users,  shortens  the  time  of  delivery.

   The diameters of the indexing gear discs and the pinions with the curvic coupling we provided are from 30mm to 1300mm, the quantity of teeth is 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 24, 30, 36,40,48,60,72,120,144,180,360 ,720etc. Special quantity of the teeth may be customized. Due to making the strict choice of material, heat treatment and grinding by special means, our products are of high rigidity, long service life, higher mating accuracy and no deformed after a long term running. Our products have widely been used for the processing center, the flexible manufacturing cell, the CNC machine tools, the high speed railway locomotives, the turbine engine, the gas turbine, the turbine compressors and various indexing devices of intermittent movement and couplings at transmitting big torque. For example, used for the turning table of gear partition of precision NC , the turning table of gear partition of the precision boring and milling machines, the precision turret carriage, the hollow shaft of the locomotive bogie, the shaft of the turbine rotor and the impeller.

   Giving  full consideration to the features of strength of the teeth surface, accuracy of the teeth surface and the lubricating oil, taking the meticulous working attitude and professionalism, machining the products as the artworks. Therefore, our products have widely been used for navigation, aviation and aerospace, engineering machinery, railway locomotives, energy machinery and other machinery where accuracy and security of the products are required. The products have mainly been used in the heavy industry in Korea and Japan.

   Because of focus, so we are professional. It adds us a pair of strong wings to take off with the development of Chinese economy at a high speed and powerful support from our clients, we will take off and soar together with our clients who have the strategic vision. We will let our clients gain, let our employees and staff members gain, let our society gain, let our enterprise gain. Because of you, we will be famous in China, dominate the world. Dominate not only now, but also reputation lasts until the future.